Caught on cam -- a rumble between a wolf and a wolverine at a wolf kill site in Denali.

Denali National Park and Preserve posted the video to its Facebook page Wednesday morning. It showcases three subsequent videos which provide a storyline of what happened at the kill site in February. 

"In the first, a wolverine feeds on a moose carcass," the Facebook post read. "Suddenly, a wolf appears and attacks! Listen carefully to the sounds made by the wolverine. Third, having chased off the wolverine, the wolf resumes feeding."

Thanks to technology, park biologists can learn about the wildlife in the area. 

The wolf seen in the video is a breeding female from the Riley Creek pack. She was identified by the radio-collar, located around her neck, the park said. 

Park wildlife biologists use motion-sensor cameras, radio collars, flight surveys and field observations to understand Denali's wolves better. 

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