A first candidate has launched a campaign to fill the seat that Assemblyman Tim Steele will vacate at Tuesday's assembly meeting.

Steele announced last week that he's stepping down for health reasons.

The assembly will hold a special vote-by-mail election this summer to replace him. Per City code, the assembly has 60 days to hold an election to fill the vacancy. A resolution before assembly members Tuesday proposes August 7 as the election date. If the assembly approves the measure, the timeline leading up to the election would be:

- June 26 to July 3: City accepts applications for the vacant position

- July 17: Deadline for City to send ballot packages to voters in West Anchorage District 

- July 31: Deadline for district voters to return ballots by mail

- August 7: Election day

While no one can file for the seat yet, North Star Community Council President, Sam Moore, is the first to launch a campaign for the office.

Moore, also treasurer of the state's Young Republicans group, launched a social media page Tuesday to announce his interest. The 33-year-old calls himself a fiscal conservative, running on an anti-crime platform.

"As community council president, I hear people going along the Coastal trail, Chester Creek trail, getting harassed by homeless people or just seeing the camps and feeling unsafe, you know," Moore said Tuesday. "Maybe you aren't unsafe, maybe you're perfectly safe, but you feel unsafe. As someone living in Anchorage, you shouldn't have to deal with that."

Last week, Austin Quinn-Davidson, a lawyer by trade, announced she also plans to file for the seat. She has not launched a public campaign yet. 

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