A recent break-in at an Eagle River baseball field’s snack shack, the third in as many years, has cost a local Little League group thousands of dollars.

The Knik Little League said Monday night on Facebook that food, soda and petty cash were taken from the shack at Eagle River Lions Park.

“The Ion Rock Blocker karaoke speaker with microphone that we use for tournaments was taken,” league officials wrote. “Also we were closed tonight so there’s that lost income.”

APD spokeswoman Renee Oistad said in an email Tueday that the case was still pending, after officers responded to the field Monday night.

“Two doors were found open – one of which had pry marks on it,” Oistad wrote. “Several items were taken to include an undisclosed amount of cash and food.”

League president Patrick Mullen, who helps run the organization with his wife Sandra, said Tuesday that the thieves entered the shack sometime in the past few days before Monday morning.

“They came in through what used to be restrooms at the facility,” Patrick Mullen said. “They haven’t been maintained in years – they were deadbolted closed, but they were able to pry them open and come in through the rafters.”

Sandra Mullen, the league’s coaching coordinator, said the shack’s funds are self-sustaining, with its small profit going back into Little League uniforms and equipment as well as repairs. The latest break-in cost an estimated $2,500 in stolen goods and damage, part of a cumulative total of $5,000 to $6,000 from burglaries in the three years the Mullens have been involved with running the shack.

“Each year we’ve tried to make it more secure,” Sandra Mullen said. “It’s been robbed the last two summers, one time each, and each time we’ve tried to make it last secure – and they try harder to break in.”

Although the league is considering whether to close the shack, Sandra said its presence allows Lions Park to host Little League International tournaments.

“It’s a requirement when you’re hosting a tournament to have a snack shack available,” Sandra Mullen said. “It’s really disappointing that we have to deal with things like this, when we’re volunteering our time to Little League, to have a snack shack and then this sort of thing happens.”

Anyone with information on the break-in is asked to call APD at 311, or contact Anchorage Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP or through its website. The league is also taking information on the case by email.

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