A man who was rifling through parked cars in the Spenard area early Monday morning has been arrested, Anchorage Police say.

Around 4:45 Monday morning, a complainant reported to APD a male going through parked cars in the 100 block of West 32nd Avenue. A responding officer encountered a man matching the suspect description riding a bike in the area. The suspect ignored the officer's commands to stop, APD says, and fled, eventually ditching the bike at the dead end of Wilshire and fleeing on foot. 

Two officers chased the suspect, 22-year-old Eyob Imlach, through a trailer park. Imlach jumped fences and ducked behind trailers, the officers reported, and was able to shake the pursuing officers for a short period. 

But, after a perimeter was set up by additional officers, Imlach was located again, and a second foot chase ensued, APD says, until officers caught up with the suspect in front of a home in the 3800 block of Indiana Street. 

Imlach reportedly actively fought with officers and refused to comply with officers' commands. 

Imlach attempted to misidentify himself, giving police a fake name and date of birth, officials say, but when police went back to where Imlach abandoned the bicycle, they found his ID card and were able to positively identify him.

Imlach is charged with vehicle tampering, obstructing by fleeing and false information. 

Two years ago, Imlach was arrested after allegedly twice stabbing his father.

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