It may be June but hikers and racers are dealing with a snow-capped Mt. Marathon.

KTVA anchor Emily Carlson shot a video from near the top of the mountain in Seward Saturday afternoon, which showed people treading through the snow on their way down. 

Carlson went up the mountain to practice the route before the popular Fourth of July race. 

It's not uncommon to have snow at the top of the mountain right now. In fact, it's not uncommon to have snow on race day. But it is uncommon to have this much snow this late in the year.

If you're thinking of climbing the mountain, Carlson says to bring gloves because it will be easier to navigate your way down. 

While a lot of people try to stay on their feet and ski down, if you slide down on your butt, you can use your hands to control your speed and direction.

Rain, snow or shine, the race will go on July 4. 

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