A man prosecutors have repeatedly argued is a risk to the community if released on bail before trial, is now back in custody again, after allegedly threatening the state employees in charge of supervising him. 

Shane Muse, who turned 29 Saturday, now has a fourth felony case pending against him. His previous charges include car theft, forgery and misconduct involving weapons. 

In March, Muse was arrested, along with 25-year-old Crystal Tui, a woman a state prosecutor referred to as his "felon girlfriend" Sunday. 

According to court documents, APD officers caught Muse and Tui in a stolen SUV. Officers used a pit maneuver to stop the vehicle and took Tui, the driver and her passenger, Muse, into custody. A search of the vehicle turned up a stolen handgun with a bullet in the chamber. 

Neither Muse or Tui had convictions in the state of Alaska, but Tui already had a pending vehicle theft case from 2017-- which she's since been convicted of. 

Court documents say Muse has multiple robbery convictions in the state of Hawaii. He also has a pending forgery case and a pending vehicle theft case from 2017 in Alaska.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Bergt said, at the time, Muse had been on the run for two weeks after skipping his scheduled trial in the forgery case. 

But because the state's new Pretrial Risk Assessment tool doesn't take into account out-of-state criminal history or pending criminal charges in a defendant's overall score-- both Muse and Tui qualified for mandatory release. Muse scored a two out of 10, and Tui scored a zero. 

Muse was held on pending 2017 cases, as those were not subject to the new 2018 law, but he was ultimately released on bail in May. 

Saturday, he was re-arrested again on charges of assault, misconduct involving weapons and violating conditions of release. Tui was also re-arrested and charged with misconduct involving weapons. 

According to the latest documents, Anchorage Police responded to a call that someone was fighting with Pretrial Enforcement Officers. They arrived to find PED officers handcuffing Muse, who was on the ground after the officers had confiscated a 9 mm Smith and Wesson handgun from Muse. 

The gun was found to have been reported stolen. 

The PED officers told APD they had attempted to arrest Muse for violating his conditions of release, and that he kept reaching for his right pants pocket. 

Muse was out on PED supervision with a GPS equipped electronic monitor and ordered to house arrest. PED officers said he had been at the hospital, an approved outing, but then made four stops along the way home. 

Muse said he was helping a friend jump a motorcycle. That motorcycle was later found to also be stolen. 

The charging documents also say, Muse said he had obtained the stolen handgun from his girlfriend, Tui, just minutes before PED arrived to arrest him-- a claim Tui confirmed, but would only tell officers she received the gun from a friend she refused to name. 

Muse now has a performance bond set at $25,000 cash and a $5,000 cash/corporate appearance bond. 

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