A bear sow was killed in Nome, and its cub has made its way to The Alaska Zoo. However, it won’t be there for much longer -- he’s headed to a wildlife park Washington.

The cub doesn’t have a name right now, but he will get one at his final destination.

Whenever orphaned cubs come to The Alaska Zoo, they already have a home established. The Department of Fish and Game decides where the animals eventually end up.

The cub was just 10 pounds when he arrived at The Alaska Zoo. He is now nearly 5-months-old, about 35 pounds and loving every minute at the zoo.

“He loves the water,” Smitty, the deputy curator of The Alaska Zoo, said.

The zoo started him off with a small, plastic, blue kiddie pool and “he destroyed that quite readily,” Smitty said. Staff had to change it out for a sturdier pool.

“It’s a lot of fun. He’s a cute little guy,” Smitty said.

Right now the cub is eating a puppy milk replacer, dog chow and fruit, but eventually, he’ll move to more solid foods like salmon or halibut.

The Alaska Zoo is always looking for fish and meat donations, which can be dropped off at the west end of the parking lot.

The cub will leave for Washington around the end of June or early-July.

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