On the heels of a string of public incidents, downtown bar and sandwich shop Brown Bag Sandwich Co. has closed its doors for good. 

Anchorage Assembly member Chris Constant said Wednesday the bar is closing with no plans of reopening.

Owners Antoine and Brynn McLeod confirmed the closure in a Facebook post early Thursday morning.

"Bittersweet to announce that Brynn & I will be closing down Brown Bag after 7 years of great times," Antoine McLeod wrote. "It’s been a hell of a ride & we have made so many great friends there over these years."

KTVA stopped by the business on Tuesday and found the door covered in what appeared to be black plastic, and a moving truck appeared to be loading items up from the business.

“This is kind of a sad story that the downtown is losing a business a lot of young people like to come to and celebrate their lives, and you know, the neighborhood has had some complaints about the way the operation worked over the years," Constant said Wednesday. "We’ve all seen the videos that have come forward. And so, it’s probably the best decision, and again, it’s regrettable because anytime a small business goes under in Anchorage, it hurts us all. It hurts our economy. But I definitely know that the folks up in the Downtown Community Council, the people who live in the condo next door, are pretty glad hear this news."

Constant went on to say it was the owners' decision and wasn't forced upon them by the municipality. 

So, what's next for the property?

“Some of the neighbors inquired about what’s the future of the building, and what I always caution folks is that conditional use runs with the land. That permit. And so, that is a transferable right to the property owner and he holds it. And so, we don’t know what’s coming, but we’ll see what develops. And, I’m sure there will be tough scrutiny on anyone who tries to open a bar here, but it’s not out of the possibility there will be another bar here.”

Most notable recently, in mid-May, a large rowdy crowd outside the business at bar break prompted an unusual police response. Roughly a dozen officers carrying batons formed a line and marched down the street, ordering those present to disperse. Ultimately, one person was tased and was arrested for inciting a riot, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

Previously, surveillance footage showed fights and frequent urination outside the bar, leading to complaints from the bar's neighbors. 

Attempts to reach the owners of Brown Bag for comment were unsuccessful.  

John Thompson and Daniella Rivera contributed to this report.

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