From workplace accidents to assaults and health insurance-- or lack thereof-- a new study has found that Alaska is among the least safe states in which one can live. 

While Alaska was deemed the most dangerous state, according to FBI crime statistics, this study looked at the overall safety of the state-- everything from fatal car crashes, homicide rates and number of hate groups to disaster preparedness, unemployment and bullying. 

"Each state is safe from some dangers but falls prey to others. Safety is a basic human need. We require some form of it, such as personal and financial protection, in every part of daily life. But we're likely to feel more secure in some states than in others," the introduction on WalletHub reads.

WalletHub compared each of the 50 United States using 48 relevant metrics across five key dimensions:

  • Personal and residential safety
  • Financial safety
  • Road safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Emergency preparedness

The Last Frontier fell below the national average in every category but one. 

The study found that Alaska, overall, is the ninth-least safe place in America. Alaska leads the U.S. in assaults per capita, is second-worst for fatal occupational injuries per 100,000 full-time workers and share of uninsured population; the 49th State is third-worst, the study found, for job security. 

With 1 being the safest and 50 being the worst, here's a look at how Alaska fared overall:

  • 40th: Murders and non-negligent manslaughters per capita
  • 50th: Assaults per capita
  • 20th: Loss amounts from climate disasters per capita
  • 48th: Job security
  • 49th: Fatal occupational injuries per 100,000 full-time workers
  • 47th: Fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel
  • 39th: Law enforcement employees per capita
  • 34th: Bullying incidence rate
  • 37th: Sex offenders per capita
  • 49th: Share of uninsured population

There is a silver lining: Alaska was the leader in the emergency preparedness category. 

Read the full findings and methodology here.

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