They use rakes before they break out the bats, gloves and baseballs; some jumped on riding mowers, as volunteers get Wasilla's McManus field ready to play ball.

They are working to repair the $5,000 in damages caused by vandals last week.

The home dugout sports a new look after crews painted over the vulgar pictures and words that were spray painted.

"I just thought I did not have a lot to do today, so come out here, give back, help these guys get this field back into shape," said Kerry Sanders.

The field is home to the American Legion Post 35 junior varsity baseball teams.

Head coach Ken Ottinger sent out the call for help.

"Social media kind of threw it out there-- we've had reactions I can't even fathom. People I don't even know emailing me, donating-- people came down here without us being here helping out," said Ottinger.

Neighbors heard the call. The turnout may surprise some, but not Ottinger.

"Our community is a tight, small community, and everybody is stepping up," Ottinger said.

Among those who pitch in are those who use this field.

"We get to play the game we love, kick some tail," said Troy Randall.

He and teammates will get the chance to do it on their own field with a little help from some of their biggest fans.

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