A 13-year-old Chenega boy who was suffering from seizure-like symptoms on board a fishing vessel was medevaced to Anchorage Saturday, U.S. Coast Guard officials say. 

USCG watchstanders in Anchorage received a report from the Golden Pacific, a 58-foot fishing vessel, that a teen was suffering from symptoms of a seizure about 30 minutes after falling 18 feet, according to a statement released by USCG on Sunday.

The boy was assessed by an EMT onboard who concluded the teen needed higher care. 

Anchorage watchstanders directed the fishing vessel crew to Chenega. That was where a Jayhawk helicopter crew from Cordova picked up the boy and transported him to Anchorage

“Coordination with the crew of the Golden Pacific was essential in this case,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Lindsey Helmbrecht, a Sector Anchorage watchstander. “The assessment from the on board EMT provided us with critical information and the cooperation of the crew in diverting the vessel to Chenega allowed us to respond quickly to get the teen to necessary medical care.”

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