Anchorage police were able to help save a dog’s life Thursday after it was hung from a fence, leading to a confrontation in which officers tased and arrested the man they say was responsible.

The calls which led to 39-year-old Christopher Baker being held came in at about 10 p.m. from the 100 block of Eagle Street in the Ship Creek area, according to an APD statement. Baker was initially reported to be “dragging and strangling” a black Labrador.

APD spokesman MJ Thim said it wasn’t clear whether the dog, who was found being attacked in an alley by Baker, belonged to him.

“When police officers got to the scene they found him in the process of hanging this dog who was lifeless,” Thim said. “The dog appeared dead; it was just hanging there, just lifeless, on the side of the wooden fence.”

“We announced that we were there and wanted to take him into custody,” Thim said. “He ignored all our commands as we were doing this, he started fighting with us, and after we gave him a final command we tased him.”

Police immediately cut the dog’s leash, by which the animal had been hung, and took it to a local veterinarian.

“In the process of this, the dog began to breathe very slightly on its own, and when it got to the animal hospital its life was saved,” Thim said. “It's an awful case.”

Baker was held on charges of animal cruelty, resisting arrest and OUI.

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