Despite accidentally launching his gubernatorial campaign website early, former Alaska Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell has finally confirmed that will make a run for the governor’s office this year.

Early Friday afternoon, Treadwell said by phone he didn’t realize the volunteer helping him with the website had already launched it. He said then he was taking steps to be prepared to file but hadn’t made a final decision yet on whether he will run.

“You’re not running until you actually file,” he said.

He says he will make an announcement later Friday-- and as promised, he did. 

Treadwell confirmed to KTVA's Liz Raines that he's in, saying he and his son were headed to the Division of Elections to officially file. 

Mead Treadwell announced his candidacy for Alaska governor in a statement on Friday, June 1, 2018. (Credit: Liz Raines/KTVA)

“If you believe that Alaska needs principled and experienced representation in Juneau — and a conservative candidate who can win in 2018— Join Mead Treadwell,” the site’s homepage read.

The site was eventually shut down Friday. 

Friday’s filing deadline to run for statewide offices in this year’s elections have drawn numerous political revelations, including a Democratic gubernatorial run by former Sen. Mark Begich and Walker opting to skip the state’s Democratic primary.

Liz Raines contributed to this story.

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