Bail has been reduced for a local actor accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. 

When 27-year-old William Lamon Jackson was first charged in January, Anchorage Police said their investigation "highly indicates the likelihood of additional victims." 

At the time, Jackson was accused of trying to force himself on a woman he’d invited over to watch a movie. For that accusation, he was charged with second-degree sexual assault, arraigned and released.

According to court documents, APD got a warrant to record a phone call between the woman and Jackson. During the call, Jackson told the victim "he understood it was sexual assault," that he "was really turned on in the moment," and that he "made poor decisions he shouldn't have made." 

He's since been indicted on 10 felony sexual assault charges. The charges represent two alleged victims-- after an additional woman came forward-- and include assaults they say happened 10 days apart in October of last year. 

One of the additional counts is first-degree sexual assault, penetration without consent, an unclassified felony. 

Thursday, Jackson's defense attorney, Gayle Brown, presented a bail proposal including three third-party custodian candidates, electronic monitoring by the private company Alaska Pretrial Services, and a reduction in the monetary bail amount. 

One of the proposed third-party custodians said he wanted to help because he feels Jackson isn't being treated fairly.

He described the case as being one person's word against another person's word.

"The person I know, the person I've interacted with, doesn't fit the demographic that's being put out in the media," he said, "You know, it's BS." 

Both alleged victims spoke out against the bail reduction, one by phone and another inside the courtroom, one of them reminding the judge of Jackson's own words, admitting to sexual assault in a recorded phone call. 

"One of the felonies he's accused of is an unclassified sex crime. He escalated from sexual assault two to sexual assault one in the span of 10 days, and I believe those facts speak for themselves to the level of threat that Mr. Jackson poses to the community," said the woman. 

It is KTVA's policy to not identify victims of sexual assault without their permission.  

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Bergt, who is the prosecutor on the case, said the proposed third-party custodians were strong candidates, but he opposed a reduction in the monetary bail. He also told the judge he has information regarding Jackson and a potential investigation in the Lower 48 but did not elaborate on that information in open court. 

Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby approved the third-party custodian candidates and electronic monitoring, as well as a reduction of the cash corporate appearance bond from $50,000 to $10,000, but he did not reduce the $10,000 cash performance bond.

That means Jackson will have to pay $11,000 in cash in order to be released to the supervision of his third parties.

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