As the storm that brought clouds and some light rain to Southcentral moves away and weakens, expect more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

The combination of fewer clouds, more daylight and a batch of warm air nosing into Southcentral from the interior and Yukon will be the cause of what is probably going to be the warmest day of the year so far for many parts of Southcentral.

All areas on the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage and up into the Valley will see warming that will bring afternoon highs up to around 60 degrees Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be warmer with some areas in the Valley getting up to the mid-60s or even up to the low-70s.

Anchorage won't get that warm but should make it up to the mid-60s on Saturday, which looks to be the warmest day during this pattern.

Prince William Sound won't get as much warming but it should still get some.

As things heat up, that in itself adds instability to the atmosphere. So there will be cumulus clouds developing, especially over the mountains, where the remaining snow will melt and help create those clouds. And that will lead to the chance of showers and possibly some thunderstorms developing in the afternoons and evenings over the mountains. Some of those showers and storms could drift west off of the mountains into populated areas from Kenai to Anchorage and Birchwood, Wasilla and Palmer and other parts of the Valley.

After Saturday, a gradual cooling will take place. However, afternoons will still make it up to the low-60s through the beginning of next week.

And with the warming temperatures, local rivers are rising.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Advisory for Montana Creek at Parks Highway where minor flooding is taking place. Low lying areas upstream of the highway are expected to be flooded. The water is expected to be at this level for the next few days.

Questions or comments about this forecast? Email Chief Meteorologist Carlos Faura.

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