From knights to damsels in distress, it's a medieval experience bringing you back to the days of yore.

Over the next two weekends, the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair comes alive in Anchorage. The 4-day event is being held June 2-3 and again June 9-10 off Tudor Road at the Tozier Track.

KTVA got a behind the scenes look at what you can expect. 

This is the 26th year the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair has come to Anchorage. There are several vendors featuring games, plays and crafts. Actors even stage battles and magic shows.

The event showcases more than 400 actors performing on multiple stages in shows such as a fight show, Shakespearean tomato show, a circus, gaming tents, historic village and at the crooked toad tavern.

Some of the shows include actors and even crowd participation.

The Game of Steel is a live-action chess game. Just like steel clashes on the chessboard, so do the Barons and their entourages. There is enough thrust and parry, wit and steel to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Another show is the Naughty Bawdy Tavern Show It is a battle between pirates and Original music and adult-themed content will plunder your heart and steal a smile from all who dare join the crew. This show is not for the young.

There will also be peasant dance where fair patrons and cast join together for a turn in the dance area.

Circus of the Damned features skills and comedy from the Court of the Blue Baron.

And then there is the Tomato Show, an honored tradition of lobbing rotten tomatoes at our Shakespearean Acting Troupe if you find their skills not up to your standards.

The whole event is a competition for the three Barons. The Barons Red, Green and Blue, compete for the privilege of winning the relic associated with him, the Spear of Hillthelstan the Bold and holding it for the coming year. The players say competition for the relic ensures a good harvest and prosperity, not only for the barony that holds it but the village as well.

The winner of the competition must accumulate the most tokens for good and noble deeds, great combat, wise rule, and exciting entertainments. This is determined by a vote of the people attending the fair. Throughout the fair day, the people of Hillshire award tokens to the fairgoers, who may then vote for the Barony they feel best represents these ideals. Each fair day, the ballot is counted and announced and on the last day of fair, the prize is awarded for the year.

The event will have more than 50 vendors and you can enter daily Costume Contests

Tickets are $5 to $8 and the fun starts at 12 p.m. You can find the event at the Tozier Track off 3400 E Tudor Road.

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