A brother and sister face charges of robbing an Anchorage man delivering a pizza after police directly witnessed the Fairview encounter last week.

Elizabeth Dostert, 30, and Travis Dostert, 24, are both charged with felony counts of robbery in the Wednesday incident. Travis Dostert faces additional assault and theft charges, while Elizabeth Dostert is also charged with providing false information.

According to a charging document, police received a report at about 1 a.m. Wednesday from the 1300 block of Hyder Street of two people, later identified as the Dosterts, wearing hoods and bandanas covering their faces. When officers arrived, they saw the pizza driver – who was working for Alaska-based chain Sicily’s Pizza, according to APD – try to make his delivery when the siblings allegedly intervened.

“The officers observed that every time the driver took one step in one direction, the male would mirror him and block his [path], then again, the delivery driver would take another step and the male would again mirror and block him,” prosecutors wrote. “Eventually the driver handed the male the pizza box and walked back to his car.”

When police spoke with the driver, he said the Dosterts hadn’t paid for the pizza and instead had “threatened him with a knife.”

“He told them that he thought Travis was going to use the knife if he did not hand over the pizza, so he did,” prosecutors wrote.

Officers arrested the Dosterts, allegedly finding a partially opened folding box cutter in Travis Dostert’s pocket which didn’t have a blade.

“Travis told officers that he ordered a pizza and a pop to be delivered to [the Hyder Street address],” prosecutors wrote. “He told officers they did not have money to pay for the pizza and did not intend to pay for the pizza. He told the officers both of his hands were empty when he told the delivery driver to give him the pizza.”

Elizabeth Dostert initially identified herself as a relative, according to prosecutors.

“When asked how she planned on paying for the pizzas she told officers she thought her brother was going to trade something for it,” prosecutors wrote.

Both Dosterts, who have prior theft convictions in Alaska, were in custody Tuesday morning according to a statewide inmate database.

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