A disgraced former Alaska State Trooper is facing a slew of new charges after he allegedly began a relationship with a teenage girl following a traffic stop. 

Vance Peronto, a 57-year-old former trooper who worked out of the Soldotna post, was arrested late last month on the charge of attempted sexual abuse of a minor. Thursday, a grand jury indicted the man on nine new charges related to the case. 

The charging documents in the initial case showed Peronto pulled the 16-year-old girl over, then began messaging her on social media the next day. The messages eventually took a sexual turn, prosecutors allege, and Peronto showed up at an Anchorage hotel to meet the girl for sex.

The messages between the girl and Peronto are said to have included "very explicit sexual comments" and photos and videos, where the teen was either naked or wearing only panties. 

At one point, the charging documents state that Peronto sent a message, purportedly in an attempt to end the salacious relationship with the girl, but authorities allege the conversation quickly turned into meeting up for a "Friends Date Night".

DON'T DO THIS VANCE!!!! Stop NOW. THIS GIRL/young lady is 16 Vance. You're wrong Vance if you even begin to think you'll avoid, fight off, stop, not make love with her. IT'LL  HAPPEN and then your life as you know it will be over. Everything you have gone. Dignity Integrity all of whom I am as a man who Loves God more than anything will be erased. I'm sorry [victim] I've got to put a stop to this. There's nothing in us that's worth. You're not worth my career or 10-20 yrs in jail. Hell no. It's not your secret. And if it was I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you hon. 


At some point, the victim's father learned of the exchanges and reported them to authorities, ultimately leading to Peronto's arrest at the Anchorage hotel. 
Among the new charges Peronto is now facing is a single charge of second-degree attempted sexual assault of a minor, four counts of unlawful exploitation of a minor, and four counts of possession of child pornography.
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