He displays the moves of a seasoned veteran, the result of long hours practicing hockey. What makes this even more amazing is Roman Marcotte is just 8-years-old.

"It's just been really fun-- been loving it since I was 3-years-old," said Roman after a recent practice.

However, make that 2-and-a-half-years-old when Roman first got on the ice. Ask roman's dad, he'll give you the date

"We started skating here September 2012," said Owen Marcotte, who just wanted to spend time with his son on the ice.

Owen says he couldn't find anywhere that offered usage time in the early morning until he called the Subway Sports Center.

"He started squeezing us in on available ice; we've been skating here three, four mornings a week year round," recalled the elder Marcotte

Roman has recorded dozens of videos of his son's practices that have blown up on social media. They have drawn millions of views from around the world, including the National Hockey League. It used one of the videos during this year's Skills Competition during the All-Star Weekend. That led to a dream encounter for the family.

"I remember the day, Presidents' Day, February 19, I got a phone call from Mario Lemieux," said Roman.

The Pittsburgh Penguins legend and owner invited Roman and his family to a game of their choice. They watched it from Lemieux's suite. It did not end there, as Roman got to meet his favorite player, Sidney Crosby, after the game.

"It actually felt really awesome. I got to meet almost the third best player in the NHL," said Roman about Crosby, who autographed a jersey.

"He said on the jersey, 'to Roman, good luck in the NHL in 12 years.' He also said he wants me to be the next Sidney Crosby," Roman recalled.

No question the spotlight shines on Roman, but he manages to keep it in check.

"I think it's weird, creepy, and a little awesome. I think it's awesome because I get to be on TV at 8 and lots of people watch me," said the younger Marcotte.

"You have to filter what Roman sees on Instagram, but he really doesn't have access to his profile-- we'll show him clips every once in awhile," said Owen, as those clips also give fans a chance to see the hottest thing on ice, even if he is just 8-and-a-half years-old.

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