BP recently named its Teacher of the Year and it's Kris Hinrichsen.

He joined Daybreak on Thursday to discuss the accomplishment, and what set him on the path of being an educator. 

The Chinook Elementary School teacher has been teaching for 8 years. He says, however, it didn't start out so smoothly.

“My first day as a substitute teacher was a disaster,” He said. “Moments in, I realized I was in over my head. One kid lost a shoe, one had an accident in their pants and many cried.”

By the end of the day, though, things were a little different when his students hugged him on the way out of class.

“They told me it was the best day of their lives,” he said. “I was hooked.”

Tara Stevens with BP joined Hinrichsen on Daybreak and explained why he was chosen as the Teacher of the Year.

“This really strong focus on social-emotional learning,” she said. "He was nominated by a large number of parents and students that told us about the special connection he makes with students. He has a real gift to draw them out, to understand themselves, and realize they can be successful.”

Stevens also pointed out one thing that really set Kris apart from other teachers.

“We liked that in his class he starts and ends every day with a class meeting where students practice gratitude and talk to one another about how their day went and kind of the things that they learned about themselves."

Hinrichsen received a cash prize with the award, as well a grant to fund an education project of Kris’ school. 

This BP Teacher of the Year is no stranger to Daybreak, he’s been a featured Teacher on KTVA's Teacher of the Week.

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