A momma moose caused some trouble on a trail next to the Glenn Highway Monday afternoon.

At least two cyclists had run-ins with the cow and her calves Monday-- both witnessed by KTVA's Joe Vigil. 

But, one interaction was so scary that Joe and his photojournalist intervened to keep the cyclist safe-- and the whole thing was captured on our Facebook LIVE.

In the live stream, you can see the momma moose-- with calves nearby-- lunges at a rider. That rider goes down but wasn't hit by the moose. He stayed down for a while.

Meanwhile, KTVA's crew is on the other side of a hill and didn't see what was happening. Joe was talking with another cyclist telling him not to ride by the moose when the cow approached the downed cyclist again. That's when the cyclist who was speaking with Joe began yelling about the moose attacking the downed cyclist.

Joe says he looked over and saw a bike tire sticking up in the air. 

"I knew then the moose was attacking a rider, so I yelled at a photojournalist to drive down the ditch and onto the trail to get between the rider and the moose. So, that's what we did," Joe says.

After driving the station SUV between the downed rider and the cow and her calves, Joe and photojournalist Jared Mazurek came to the aid of the downed rider, helping him to his feet and accompanying him down the trail, using the SUV as a barrier until the cyclist was a safe distance away. 

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The encounter referenced starts about 9 minutes from the end of the live stream. 

"I think I just went down," the cyclist, Andrew Eker said to Joe after the incident." 

"Did it hit you at all?" Joe asked.

"I don't remember."

"You are just shocked, I think."

"I don't know, I just came riding along... I don't care to get that close," Eker said. 

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game came shortly after and shut the trail down near the moose family.

Thankfully, neither cyclist was injured.

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