With another school shooting comes a lot more discussion about how to keep students safe. A suspect, a student, is accused of shooting and killing nine students and one substitute teacher at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, south of Houston on Friday.

President Donald Trump floated the idea of arming teachers to fight back against an active school shooter after the deadly February school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Some Anchorage teachers have mixed reaction to that idea. Nathan Green is a social studies teacher at Benny Benson Secondary School in Anchorage. He says he would support the idea of arming teachers.

"Because I feel that we are no longer a soft target. If people come to the school to do us harm, and they know there's a chance that somebody's going to fight them back, there's going to be a lot less people coming to the school to do harm," he said.

Green, a former riflery instructor at Bartlett High and hunter says guns are are tools that people use all the time protect valuables.

"Why aren't we using them as a tool to secure the most valuable asset we have, and that's our children," he said.

But four Dimond High teachers we talked to about arming teachers say it's something they absolutely would not support.

"Having to go from being a teacher to being a security guard/correctional office/ police officer is too huge of a leap in the seconds you have to respond in a crisis situation," said teacher Soren Wuerth.

"People become the way we treat them. So if we treat our students like they're violent criminals who need to be handled with guns, then I think we're going to see more violent and criminal activity from students," said teacher Emma Brooks.

"As a teacher, that's a situation I just don't want to be put in. And I don't want the responsibility of having a gun in the school," said teacher and hunter Kristin Vantrease.

"What's the level of liability that a teacher has if they're now armed? That's a real significant question," said hunter and teacher Brett Roth.

All the teachers say they are speaking on behalf of just themselves, not their schools or the district.

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