Whether you're new in town, or looking for someplace new to explore, KTVA wants you to "get out" and get to know Alaska.

Potter Creek Trail is a good trail to try for beginners or families if you're looking for a good short hike this weekend.

To get to the trailhead, you turn into the parking lot at Mile 115.1 off the Seward Highway south of Anchorage.

Potter Creek Trail has a nature trail that is a easy walking trail with flat ground and not much elevation. Along the trail there are big marked signs informing people about the area and the nature around it. It is great for families wanting to learn more about the area and wildlife.

The nature trail is nearly half a mile each way. If you want to keep going, the trail goes from Potter to McHugh trail. The distance is 3.4 miles total. You do need to watch your step when it comes to the rest of the trail, since there are a lot of roots coming out of the ground.

A little past the nature trail there is a lookout on the trail that is worth stopping for, where you can see Cook Inlet and mountain ranges. During the summer you can even spot beluga whales.

The Turnagain Arm Trail offers hikers a variety of options for starting and ending their hikes and offers spectacular views. Hikers will be able to see the Turnagain Arm and take in the surrounding aspens and rocky outcroppings. This trail has a lot of wildlife on its trails during the Spring and Summer. There have been multiple bear and moose sightings on the trails. Dall sheep may even be spotted above the trail in the rocks.

What you should know before you go hike Potter Creek Trail.

  • There are easy marked signs on the trail
  • Bring a jacket,Turnagain Arm generally has wind
  • Be bear aware, bring bear spray and know how to use it because the trail has many bear sightings.
  • The nature trail is rated easy after the nature trail the difficulty goes to moderate
  • Just about anyone can hike this trail.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look from the hike:


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