The weather pattern is changing a little. The chance of showers is still with us Thursday night, and there will still be a lot of clouds, but it's going to get warmer by a few degrees.

Friday should make it up to around 57 degrees, and Saturday will be a little warmer-- some spots could make it up to 60 degrees. If there are a lot of sun breaks in the afternoon, Ted Stevens could get there.

There will be windy conditions starting Friday night on Turnagain Arm and exposed areas like Hillside in Anchorage, and over in Palmer. Wind will gust up to 35 mph at times, as the pressure gradient tightens up. Down in the Anchorage Bowl, it will be breezy to windy on Saturday.

As far as rainfall goes, some light showers will move up Cook Inlet Thursday evening and anywhere from a few hundredths of an inch up to a tenth of an inch of rain will fall.

Talkeetna will probably get the most, with other areas ending up on the low side of the scale. A steadier rain will fall from Seward to Whittier overnight Thursday.

Friday will be a break with most areas being mostly dry. By Saturday, rain showers move back into the northern Gulf coastal areas from Seward to Cordova, and the chance of light rain returns to western areas like Kenai, Anchorage and the Valley by Saturday night.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.

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