Boating professionals say this day is to heighten awareness of different life jacket types that are available, including inflatable life jackets and demonstrate their comfort and versatility by wearing them to work.

The annual event hosted by the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) serves as a fun, educational element just prior to National Safe Boating Week, May 19-25 -- the official launch of the 2018 North American Safe Boating Campaign.

Educating the boating public about the safety and comfort of life jackets is the main focus of the North American Safe Boating Campaign.

To kick off the life jacket celebration here in Anchorage, there is an event at the Atwood Courtyard Friday at noon. The event will have a performance Kingikmiut Singers and Dancers of Anchorage to perform the “Float Coat Song".

Kelli Toth, with the Alaska Office of Boating Safety, says this is an important message for all Alaskans as we get closer to the summer boating season. 

"Five out of six boating fatalities in Alaska are a result of a vessel capsize, ejection or fall overboard," said Toth. "It happens so fast, if you don't have it already on it's very hard to survive especially in these cold waters. Last year, there were 20 deaths, 20 people who did not survive a cold water immersion event. Many of them were not wearing a life jacket."

Toth says it is also important to know the different type of life jackets.

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