Marianne Cole can't think of a better way to end her Mother's Day than with her a chance encounter with a black bear cub.

"I was up near the Arctic Valley exit," Cole said. "At first, I saw the cubs playing, then watching mamma bear join them and proceed right in front of my car."

Cole says the sow then headed towards the Moose Run Golf Course, two of the three cubs followed-- but the third was more of a free spirit.

"Little cub number three was too curious," Cole said. "It came over and checked us out. He climbed onto my car, looking at us through the front window and moonroof. My heart was racing, Jax, my dog, was wagging his tail."

Ultimately, the cub left to join the rest of family. Marianne says she now has permanent bear claw scratches and paw prints on her new car.

Marianne lives in Eagle River and says this isn't the first time see's encountered bears this year.

"Still riding the high," Cole said. "Another bear encounter and that makes seven so for me in 2018."

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