Alaska State Troopers say a Washington man who fell asleep behind the wheel crashed into a ditch causing his boat in tow to spill gallons of fuel on a roadway in Prince of Wales Island Wednesday afternoon. 
According to troopers' online dispatch, 74-year-old Raymond Castor of Sammamish, Washington was driving down Boundry Road near milepost 24 when he fell asleep in his 2003 Chevrolet Silverado that was hauling a 2011 Hewscraft Pacific Explorer boat.
"Castor reported he fell asleep at the wheel which caused the vehicle, and trailer in-tow, to enter the road ditch which caused the boat to become disconnected, and ultimately rolling onto the roadway," troopers wrote. 
Multiple gallons of fuel ended up spilling onto the roadway and into the ditch. 
Troopers say the trailer and boat were valued at approximately $84,000 and were "substantially damaged."
Alcohol nor medications were a factor, troopers said.