After nine months in Afghanistan, more than 300 soldiers recently returned home. Deployment during times of war can be a trying time for them and their spouses.

To better understand what it's like to be home, while your loved one serves overseas, the Veteran Spouse Project is bringing the original play "I Will Wait" to Anchorage this weekend.

Amy Uptgraft, founder of the Veteran's Spouse Project, and Lea Johnson, managing director of the Veteran's Spouse Project joined Daybreak to discuss the performance. 

"It's a nonprofit organization made up of "I Will Wait", a touring performance art piece and "Made for You", which is an expressive arts workshop that is geared towards veteran spouses," Johnson explained.

The performance is taking place at UAA this week; Amy described what audience members could expect from the story.

"The play is about military spouses across generations," said Uptgraft, "My co-playwright wove it all together to tell the story what it's like to send people you love to war and what it's like to welcome them home again."

Both organizers are familiar with the subject, as they both have spouses serving on deployment overseas.

"I Will Wait" toured successful in the Lower 48, and Lea explained why the show was being brought to Anchorage when she said: "We just looked around and Anchorage is a community that loves its military well...We've lived in a lot of different military communities and I don't know that either of us have ever felt as welcome or as embraced as we do in the Anchorage community," Uptgraft said.

"I think mainly we're looking to help kind of bridge that gap between the military and civilian population," said Amy, as to what she hopes audiences take away from the performance. "I often say, we are trying to kind of pull the curtain back from that homecoming clip that we all love, but there are a lot of things that happen before that clip and after that clip."

"I Will Wait" showtimes:

  • University of Alaska Anchorage Main Stage Theater
  • Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12
  • Time: 8 p.m.

For tickets and information, head to The Veteran's Spouse Project website

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