How many AP course did you take in high school?


What were they?

And did the GPA stay up there with those weighty classes? 

Dimond High School's Alisa Pairmore can relate. As a senior starter for the Lynx soccer team, she's played a major role in a pair of state titles and the team's unbeaten streak-- which is now up to 51 games.

Her academic record is impressive, too. She carries a 4.07 GPA while taking AP calculus, Japanese, economics and psychology.  

"Before we can put in work on the field, we have to put in work in the classroom, ha, yeah, it's pretty important," she said.

And her work on the field is a big reason for the success of the Lynx program. But the game comes naturally her. It has for most of her life. 

"My parents needed me to run off some of my energy, clearly, I loved it, it's all good."

Is it ever. Now, as Dimond enters the final stretch of the season it's about adding to that mark. 

"Most of us didn't even know we have a streak, but now that we're aware of it, we take it game by game," she said.

And like everything else it has her attention. 

In the fall, Alisa will take her academic and athletic talents to George Washington University in Oregon and play soccer for the program.  

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