A Fairbanks Democrat says he won’t be seeking a ninth term in office.

Rep. David Guttenberg announced Wednesday night that it’s time to retire.

The 66-year-old has spent 16 years in office, which were preceded by four years as a legislative aide.

“It is an incredibly frustrating job, but it is also a rewarding job at the same time,” he said. “You are in the middle of policymaking. Where every aspect of it is, it’s on your committee, it’s somebody else’s committee. Majority. Minority. You are in the sense of getting things done."

Guttenberg says he’s looking forward to completing home upgrades he’s set aside because of relentless special sessions in recent years.

Guttenberg currently serves on the House Finance Committee, closing out his final term as a member of a Democratic-led majority.

But he’s also worked on the Resources Committee, the Legislative Council, the Labor and Commerce Committee and received an appointment to the Arctic Policy Commission

After working four years as a legislative aide, Guttenberg was elected in 2002. It marked the first of eight terms in the House.

Guttenberg’s term ends next January. He says he will still finish his term after lawmakers adjourn.

“In this building, we are all family,” he said. “When you meet former legislators anywhere, it’s like veterans, you just connect. It is being through battles together. Whether you are a D or an R-- or where ever you are from-- there is that connection.

“When you come down here, you think, well, I’m not going to like that person, they are just way too conservative or way too liberal.' But chemistry kicks in and you find yourself liking people and getting along with people and working together in spite of what you thought.

“And I think that’s incredibly rewarding.”

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