Five people accused of harboring and aiding two murder suspects from Anchorage Police for weeks are now facing felony charges themselves.

A manhunt was underway across the Anchorage Bowl for Mickee Thompson and Robert Smith for three weeks after the April killing of 21-year-old Sosaia Finau.

Thompson and Smith are accused of gunning down Finau, who charging documents say was dating Thompson's ex-girlfriend, on the morning of April 12. The shooting happened at the girlfriend's Mountain View apartment.

Sosaia Finau. (Credit: Eagle River Broncos)

Thompson and Smith were taken into custody without incident last week after a citizen tipped off police to their presence in a mobile home community in Spenard.

Throughout their investigation, APD detectives developed enough probable cause to charge five people with first-degree felony hindering prosecution.

Police say "all five are accused of directly providing aid to Thompson and Smith who were attempting to avoid being arrested for the homicide they committed."

Thompson's mother, 42-year-old Mandy Premo, and the other four suspects -- Randi Premo, 32, Tabita Mattie, 37, Jude Andrews, 37, and Anna Andrews, 33 -- all turned themselves into authorities Wednesday afternoon and are in the custody of the Anchorage Jail.

"They knew we were looking for them and these five individuals, their family members, knew that we were looking for them," said APD spokesman MJ Thim. "In fact, we had contact with Mandy and Randy specifically asking them if they had any information about the whereabouts and they didn't provide us with anybody and we've now found out that they, in fact, knew exactly where these suspects were and did not tell us, they hid these suspects from us."

Thim said hiding someone who police consider armed and dangerous has serious consequences because it's ultimately putting the public in danger.

"If you interfere with any of our investigations we will hold you accountable and this is an example of that, a great example of that," Thim said. "These are five individuals, five family members, who hid two armed and dangerous suspects that were on the run, added to the public safety threat, and we're holding them accountable."

Four of the five individuals charged in the alleged effort to hide Thompson and Smith qualified for mandatory release at their arraignments Thursday, and all are being released without being required to pay a monetary bail. If they don’t show up to future court dates, they could be responsible to pay between $500 and $5,000 in unsecured bonds.

Daniella Rivera contributed information to this story.

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