An Alaska National Guardsman accused of two violent Anchorage rapes in 24 hours last month also worked at a massive new video arcade popular with local kids, as police seek any other potential victims.

A Dave & Buster's spokesperson said that 21-year-old Kayshawn Dyett has been fired from the Anchorage location at the Dimond Center mall. He had worked as a "captain," or a door greeter at the arcade.

Charging documents against Dyett, arrested Thursday on two first-degree counts of sexual assault, say he met one of his victims “at his job at Dave & Buster’s.” The Dimond Center location, which opened March 19 as the chain’s 110th store in North America, rapidly hired roughly 230 people at a job fair shortly beforehand.

Dyett has also been a part-time private in the Alaska Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment since 2014, according to Lt. Col. Candis Olmstead with the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. No administrative or disciplinary actions against him in connection with the rapes were yet on file.

“Our provost marshal was aware of an ongoing investigation and cooperated with law enforcement, but this is a civilian law enforcement matter,” Olmstead said.

APD spokesman MJ Thim said an initial police account of the assaults released Friday, which didn’t mention Dyett’s work at Dave & Buster’s or the Guard, was based on what investigators could publicly say at that time. Police didn't have any further word on additional victims in the case.

According to a statement against Dyett written by Assistant District Attorney A. James Klugman, Dyett picked up the first victim – a 17-year-old girl – with another teen on the night of April 14. After using marijuana at a local hotel, Dyett and the victim had consensual sex and drank alcohol with the other teen.

As that teen took a shower, Dyett allegedly threw the victim onto the bed and assaulted her.

“Dyett put his hands around [the victim’s] throat and began strangling her; he then told her to call him ‘daddy,’” Klugman wrote.

When the first victim reported the rape the following day, Klugman said, investigators found “noticeable bruising on her neck, arms, and legs.”

On the afternoon of April 15, the second victim – whom Dyett had met “a few days earlier” while working at Dave & Buster’s – met with him for a trip to see the sunset at Point Woronzof. Once they got there, however, Dyett wouldn’t unlock the vehicle and “explained that they could watch the sunset from inside the car.” Soon afterward, he allegedly began to assault her against the back seat.

“Dyett told [the second victim] to call him ‘daddy’ and put his hand on her neck, strangling her with enough pressure that she felt her eyes swell,” Klugman wrote. “[The victim] repeatedly told Dyett to stop, but he did not. [She] was afraid that Dyett was going to kill her during the assault; she was afraid to fight back more forcefully.”

After the assault, the second victim told police, Dyett said he wouldn’t give her alcohol he had previously promised her. Examiners found “bruising consistent with strangulation” on her neck.

When police spoke with Dyett on Thursday, Klugman wrote, he claimed the sex with the hotel victim was fully consensual and “denied putting his hands on her throat.” Investigators also asked about the Point Woronzof assault.

“Detectives asked Dyett to list all of the women he had had sex with in the month of April,” Klugman wrote. “He provided a list that did not include [the second victim]. “When presented with a picture of [the second victim], he acknowledged knowing her, and after some prodding admitted that he had taken her to Point Woronzof and had sex with her.”

Dyett admitted putting his hands on the second victim’s neck and strangling her in a “sexual way,” Klugman wrote, but he had no explanation for her injuries.

Daniella Rivera contributed information to this story.

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