Will the State of Alaska become the next to switch to vote-by-mail? It's one of the options state election officials are considering as they look to replace the state's aging election equipment.

Election officials from around the state are meeting in Anchorage, listening to pitches from companies that are federally certified to sell election systems. Division of Elections Director Josie Bahnke said three different options are being considered, including vote-by-mail.

"One is a precinct-based system-- that's the current system that the state has right now," said Bahnke. "Secondly, a vote-by-mail system and thirdly, a hybrid of the two."

Bahnke said a hybrid system would be similar to what Anchorage has adopted that would include a place where people could vote in person as well as cast votes in the mail.

An Election Policy Working Group is expected to make a recommendation on what to purchase by the end of the year. Bahnke said the cost would likely run between $2 and $7 million and would be in place for a statewide election by 2022.

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