What was thought to be a dozen eggs turned out to be something one Fred Meyer shopper said he has never seen before -- eggs he believes are contaminated with salmonella. 

KTVA viewer Keith Burgess said he went shopping for groceries at Fred Meyer on Friday when he picked up a carton of grade AA Cherry Lane eggs. Last Tuesday morning, he cracked open the first egg from the carton and realized they were no good, saying they "smelled like death."

"Three out of 12 looked partially boiled; they stank, had white spots," Burgess said. "It was like a bulb, a gelatin bulb, with pink fluid -- I've never seen an egg like this."

Burgess said he called and left messages for all Fred Meyer stores in Anchorage and Cherry Lane distribution company in Washington state but has not heard back from anyone. 

KTVA reached out to Fred Meyer and was told that they were not aware of any egg-related recalls; any recalls will be released and handled by corporate. 

According to State Epidemiologist Louisa Castrodale, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), there is a salmonella outbreak linked to shelled eggs that have affected nine states, so far, but Alaska is not one of them. 

"Eggs were not distributed to Alaska," she said. 

She suggests anyone who believes they have a food product that has gone bad, to file a complaint online with DEC.

"Because this is in Anchorage, it would get routed to (the Municipality of Anchorage) DHHS so the caller could also contact MOA directly," she said. 

Shannon Kuhn with the Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services says they have no active complaints related to Fred Meyer. 

Burgess still has the carton the eggs came in with the expiration of May 20, 2018, printed on the side. 

Currently, there is an E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce that has claimed the life of one person in California. According to the CDC, eight people in Alaska have been infected out of 121 cases. 

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