Marissa Brennan’s students consider her family.

“Ms. Brennan makes learning way fun,” said Zoe Lewis, a student at Kasuun Elementary School.

Brennan has been teaching at Kasuun Elementary School for the past 19 years. She teaches more than just academics and focuses on life and social skills.

“It’s the biggest one for us,” Brennan said. “How to be respectful of other people.”

Respect is an important skill, now, more than ever, according to Brennan. Many kids spend a lot of their days on their devices and online and she wants to help them get better at dealing with people -- in person.

“Being here together and working cooperatively is really healthy for them,” Brennan added.

It’s important that students see her as family too. She regularly goes to her students’ dance recitals and sports event to show her support.

“They need to know I care about them and I want them to be here and be healthy,” Brennan said.

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