Cinco de Mayo is an important date both in Mexican and American history -- a day of celebration, and of course, lots of food.

At local restaurants, like Xalos Mexican Grill, you can smell tradition. Mexican street corn, or "Elotes," and burritos draped in the Mexican flag are part of a special menu, only available on occasions like Cinco de Mayo. 

"It's just a tradition, I think it's more of a tradition here in the United States than what it is in Mexico," said Xalos owner, Arturo Martin. 

Food is a staple of that tradition.

"Cinco de Mayo is actually our busiest day of the year," Martin said. 

But the celebration dates back to a battle in Puebla, Mexico in 1862 -- an event that shaped the history, not just Mexico, but also the United States.

"The United States helped Mexico kick the French out of Mexico, then Mexican-Americans started celebrating in the United States as a symbol of power for Mexicans, more than in Mexico," Martin, who is Mexican-American himself, explained. 

Now, Cinco de Mayo is a day of festivity in Anchorage and across the country. It's also a day of big business for local restaurants who, like Martin, look forward to sharing their tradition, every year.

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