Two suspects are in police custody, after an armed carjacking early Friday led to a crash which closed Boniface Parkway and prompted a major search.

APD said the male suspect, 25-year-old Cordy Martin, was found by a K-9 unit and arrested by 7:30 a.m., after an initial alert just after 6 a.m. that Boniface was closed from East 6th to Boundary Avenue due to a “large police presence.”

Both he and a passenger in the stolen vehicle -- 18-year-old Kaleea Fox, arrested fleeing the scene -- face charges including robbery, assault and vehicle theft. Fox is also charged with misconduct involving controlled substances.

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An APD statement on the incident said the stolen vehicle – a black Dodge Charger – was carjacked at gunpoint from a woman outside the Alaska Native Medical Center on the 4300 block of Diplomacy Drive.

ANMC employee and carjacking victim Nichole Stachelrodt, 23, said she had pepper spray with her but didn't use it because she was afraid.

"I look over and I see this guy with a gun and then he clicks it and he points it at me," Stachelrodt said. "And then I asked him -- because he didn't say anything -- I asked him, 'What do you want?' and he finally spit out, 'Keys.' So I threw my keys at him, but then he got close to me and started patting me down, so I said, 'That's all I've got on me,' and then he asked me, 'OK, where did you park?'"

Shortly afterward, police said Martin was spotted “driving recklessly at a high rate of speed” on Boniface approaching 4th Avenue. He then lost control, swerved into Boniface’s oncoming lanes and collided with another vehicle.

APD Lt. John McKinnon said officers spotted the vehicle after Stachelrodt reported the carjacking. The other driver in the crash received only minor injuries, and the suspect ran away.

Anchorage police say a carjacker crashed a stolen vehicle (foreground) into another car on Boniface Parkway on Friday, May 4, 2018. (Credit: Cassie Schirm/KTVA)

"Because the suspect was armed, it created a high-risk track situation, so we called in officers from the SWAT team and the K-9 unit," McKinnon said.

After police set up a perimeter, according to the statement, a K-9 unit found the suspect “hiding in a boat” on the 300 block of Boniface.

“The suspect ignores officer’s commands to surrender,” police wrote. “K-9 Alex is sent in and makes contact with the suspect.”

Stachelrodt said the Charger, which was totaled in the crash on Boniface, was one of her "dream cars." She's on a few days of paid leave from the medical center to recover from the ordeal.

John Thompson, Cassie Schirm and Mary Simton contributed information to this story.

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