An Anchorage couple vacationing in Puerto Rico is reeling from a life-altering encounter earlier this week, which left a man gravely wounded in what investigators describe as an armed robbery.

A preliminary report from police in Puerto Rico said 34-year-old Kendric Tyler was shot and wounded at about 10:20 p.m. local time Tuesday. Officers responded to a convention center in the San Juan district of Santurce, where two suspects on a black motorcycle had driven up to the Tylers.

One of the suspects got off the motorcycle, approached Kendric and tried to intimidate him into giving them money. Soon afterward, the suspect shot Kendric in the neck.

In an emotional Facebook post Wednesday, Kendric’s wife Kenyada Tyler said her husband was “like a soldier” after the shooting, calling 911 as officers arrived.

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“Who thinks you’re going to go on your one-year wedding anniversary/birthday/honeymoon and have to lay on the ground to stop your husband from bleeding out?” Kenyada said. “My husband saved my life. If it wasn’t for him jumping in front of the bullet, it probably would have killed me – I’m so honored that he loves me that much.”

Kenyada told KTVA that the bullet, fired from a semi-automatic Uzi, tore through Kendric's right shoulder and out his left, severing his spinal cord.

Police said Kendric was taken to a local hospital, where he was recovering in stable condition. Kenyada posted a second video of him in his hospital bed, recuperating from his injuries and telling viewers “The Lord is awesome; the Lord is good” from beneath a breath mask.

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Medics have told the couple that Kendric’s spinal cord was severed in the shooting and two of his vertebrae were damaged, Kenyada said in the Facebook videos – an outcome “we’re just not going to accept.”

“I know the doctors have to say what they see, but we know we serve a God that is almighty, all-powerful,” Kenyada said. “He’s a healer, he’s a redeemer, he’s a restorer and we’re walking in faith.”

According to Kenyada, the suspect has been arrested. He was 16 years old and linked to many crimes in the San Juan area.

Family and friends have set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the Tylers’ medical and travel expenses, which had raised more than $15,000 by Thursday evening.

Mary Simton and John Thompson contributed information to this story.

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