It keeps getting better for Hailey Shangin. 

The Dimond High School softball star is having herself quite a season. Five games in, she's hitting a ridiculous .555. She's three home runs away from breaking the school record.

And now she has the next four years of her life planned-- in the Ivy League. Next fall she'll attend Brown University on an academic scholarship.

"I actually attended a Brown program over the summer last summer, and I just fell in love with the school," she said. "I decided to throw caution to the wind and just decided to try and apply, and I got into my dream school."

She's earned the dream. With a 4.11 GPA-- which includes three advanced courses-- it's academics which will land her on the Providence, Rhode Island, campus.

"I started realizing what the power and the opportunities provided by a strong education, strong academics."

Now she'll take that education to a new level next year.  

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