Anchorage Police say a drunk driver who dragged and injured a man last weekend became disagreeable with officers, refusing to undergo sobriety tests. 

On Saturday, Anchorage police received a call about a reported disturbance at a home. While en route, officers were told a male had been hit by a car at the same location, court documents said

Once officers arrived, they found the victim, William White, sitting on the ground "bleeding from his mouth, face, side and back," according to court documents. His girlfriend, Amanda Napageak, was next to him along with the vehicle that struck him. 

A neighbor captured the incident on camera. 

"The video showed Napageak in the vehicle with White standing outside the door. Napageak backs the vehicle up and drags White with the vehicle approximately five to ten feet," court documents read. 

After police provided a consent warning, Napageak refused to perform field sobriety tests and proceeded to ask for a lawyer. 

"Napageak talked over the officer during much of the processing, refused to listen," charging documents said. "At one point she stated she didn't want to talk to the officer without a lawyer because she was too drunk."

Police then obtained a search warrant for her blood.

White was taken to the hospital where he learned he had most likely broken his right shoulder. 

Napageak was arrested and charged with assault in the first degree, felony driving under the influence, felony refusal to submit to chemical test and driving with a license that was canceled, suspended, or revoked. 

According to court records, Napageak previously had multiple felony DUIs and assault convictions.

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