Virgin America airport kiosks and airplanes are all being transformed under the Alaska Airlines brand.

Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America in December of 2016.

After successfully merging both airlines’ computer systems, spokesperson Scott Habberstad says the visual aspects of the merger are now a priority.

“When you go to the airport now, it's all Alaska Airlines. You check in at the counter, it's Alaska Airlines. Yesterday it would have been Virgin or Alaska Airlines. Today we are one airline," explained Habberstad. “Whether it's your app, it's the web, or it's the check-in, we are one. It's been a long time coming. It's a great transition.”

The airplanes will be getting new paint jobs and improvements to the interior as well.

“The new interiors will include Gogo Inflight Internet, satellite internet, as opposed to ground base which we have greater connectivity, greater ability to do things on the airplanes,” he said.

Alaska Airlines is also considering a basic economy fare that will potentially roll out in the fall or winter of this year. These fares have become very popular of late, with numerous airlines now offering them.

“For our consumers, they're not going to see a lot of difference except greater value. You'll still be able to get your miles on Alaska Airlines. You'll still be able to carry on bags," Habberstad said. “It does, however, mean you'll be the last to board,” said Habberstad. “You will get a seat assignment, but it's going to be in the back half of the airplane and it might be a middle seat. But at the end of the day, it's adding value. That's what our guests want.” 

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