“Mr. Loggins is hands down the most prolific sexual abuse of a minor offender I have seen,” said Palmer prosecutor Brittany Dunlop during a bail hearing for Loggins Tuesday afternoon.

Loggins was initially charged with sexually abusing four boys, ages ranging from 8 to 11.

Within a week, the victim count doubled.

Now, an indictment represents eight victims—six boys and two girls, ages ranging from 4 to 14—but investigators believe there are more.

"On his phone, there were photographs of naked behinds of boys that we haven't identified. They aren't named victims in this case because we don't know who they are at this point," said Dunlop.

A 17-count grand jury indictment includes 16 counts of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

In previous charging documents against Loggins, troopers said the truck driver had befriended children before abusing them with sex toys, including one incident which occurred in a church. Loggins allegedly denied owning any such toys, but investigators found them during a search of his room.

According to an affidavit filed by Trooper Shannon Fore, Loggins had met at least one of the victims as a family friend at church. Some of the victims and their families told troopers Loggins would frequently take children on trips to go bowling and visit kids’ destinations like the Wonderland playground and the Extreme Fun Center in Wasilla.

The majority of the abuse alleged in the indictment took place at Loggins' parents' home. Other locations listed are inside Loggins' vehicle at destinations including Wonderland Park in Wasilla, in the bathroom of the First Baptist Church in Wasilla, and at the homes of multiple victims.

The indictment also includes a count of second-degree assault related to an instance in which Loggins allegedly strangled a victim unconscious in his car in the parking lot of the Palmer Dairy Queen while another victim watched, as part of a game.

Dunlop said the victims knew Loggins carried a gun and he threatened them with bodily harm, in one instance holding a dagger to a child’s chest.

She also said Loggins has tried to tamper with evidence by telling his girlfriend to claim a backpack containing two laptops investigators seized belongs to her.

Loggins is currently in custody with a $250,000 cash performance bail, and a $50,000 cash surety bail. The $250,000 bail must be paid in full in order for him to be released before trial.

Monday, KTVA reported Loggins was requesting an arrangement that would allow him to be released after paying $16,000, based on a bail review application submitted by his attorney.

Tuesday afternoon, his attorney said there was a typo on the application. The proposed ‘$10,000’ cash corporate bond was suppose to read ‘$100,000,’ and that coupled with a $15,000 cash bail, would allow Loggins to be released after paying $25,000.

The judge ultimately chose to leave bail as it is, following emotional testimony from the family members of multiple victims.

KTVA is choosing not to identify the family members of the victims by name and has blurred video associated with them in order to protect the privacy of the victims.

“My Lord! How could he even ask for a bail? This man, doing something like that, who knows what he did to the girls. Oh my God,” said a family member of one of the victims, “These kids gotta live with this the rest of their lives. All of it. Unbelievable. [...] How could anybody even ask for a bail hearing, your honor?”

“And he took advantage of his church. The lord. He took advantage of his church. He molested a child at church.”
One woman said her child ate a full dinner for the first time in months the night they learned Loggins had been arrested, and she worried releasing Loggins would cause the victims more pain and prevent others from coming forward.

Family members and the prosecutor said Loggins will also likely be safer in custody.

KTVA has also reported Loggins was a school bus driver. Monday, Jillian Morrissey, a spokesperson for the Mat-Su Borough School District, said Loggins was never a district employee but was employed by a company the district contracts with, First Student. Morrissey said his employment was from 2012 to 2013, but wouldn't comment regarding the grade level of the students he might have had contact with. Morrissey said the district has been providing information to troopers to support the investigation, but declined to say whether the district had sent out information regarding Loggins prior history as a school bus driver to parents.

“There were significant complaints made to the bus company about his contact with kids — we’re in the course of investigating that,” said Dunlop.

First Student has failed to respond to KTVA’s request for comment.

KTVA has made three attempts to speak to someone at First Baptist Church in Palmer, first via voicemail, then an in-person visit Sunday, during which we were asked to leave and come back during normal business hours, and again Monday, when no one answered the locked doors.

If Loggins were to be convicted on all charges, the minimum sentence he would faces 137 and a half years, according to Dunlop.

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