An Alaska State Trooper is charged with attempted sexual abuse of a minor. Charging documents give a deeper glimpse into the conversations the 57-year-old man allegedly had with the 16-year-old girl, ultimately leading to his arrest. 

Shortly after 11 p.m. on April 8, Soldotna-based Trooper Vance Peronto pulled over a 16-year-old girl who was driving without headlights on the Kenai Spur Highway. The stop lasted less than 10 minutes and the victim was released with a verbal warning. 

According to charging documents, the next morning around 8, the victim received a Facebook message from Trooper Peronto; he also requested that he be added as a friend to her account-- a request which she accepted. 

"Trooper Peronto began instant messaging [the victim] and the tone of the message quickly became flirtatious in nature."

When Peronto asked the girl how old she was and she replied that she was 16, Peronto replied, "WOOOW Gulp," the documents state, and he then told her he was 57. 

Peronto allegedly gave the girl his cellphone number and told her that if she ever needed a "hand, boot a back or your personal Trooper, Use Me, All Yours at Your Service," the charging documents read.

Over the next several days, Peronto and the girl continued to exchange IMs, and the messages escalated to "very explicit sexual comments". Peronto asked the girl to send him "training" videos and "pics, pics, pic." the documents allege. The girl sent several videos and photos, including one where she was either naked or wearing only a pair of women's panties, the document states. 

"There are repeated discussions of women's panties, and Trooper Peronto tells [the victim] she could be a Victoria Secret Model and asks her what type of panties she would like from Victoria Secret," the document reads. 

Peronto allegedly gave the girl his home address and told her she could come over, then referenced explicit sex acts the two could perform on each other. 

After several days of exchanging messages, Peronto sent the following message to the victim, "purportedly to end the sexual-based interaction between the two of them.":

DON'T DO THIS VANCE!!!! Stop NOW. THIS GIRL/young lady is 16 Vance. You're wrong Vance if you even begin to think you'll avoid, fight off, stop, not make love with her. IT'LL  HAPPEN and then your life as you know it will be over. Everything you have gone. Dignity Integrity all of whom I am as a man who Loves God more than anything will be erased. I'm sorry [victim] I've got to put a stop to this. There's nothing in us that's worth. You're not worth my career or 10-20 yrs in jail. Hell no. It's not your secret. And if it was I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you hon. 

The documents say the girl replied by stating she was disappointed and to "take it easy on her" if he pulled her over again. 

Peronto reportedly turned the conversation to movie night, saying he'd like to meet her and described the possible encounter as a "Friends Date Night. Where your Trooper friend pampers his Class Beautiful LADY friend."

"At times," the charging document reads, "Trooper Peronto appears to set boundaries, indicating that everything would need to stay inside his boxers, and [the victim] agreed."

Peronto told the victim he ordered three pairs of Victoria Secret panties for their movie night, and the girl sent videos of herself that were sexual in nature, the documents allege. 

After several more days of messaging, Peronto allegedly expressed frustration with the victim because he felt she was teasing him, but he again provided her with his home address and phone number. 

At this point, the victim's father learned of the exchanges and reported them to authorities. 

Peronto, in Anchorage for a training, messaged the victim and informed her he was Anchorage and was going to Victoria Secret to purchase panties for her, the documents state. 

The victim told Peronto that she, too, was in Anchorage-- with her father-- and that she had her own hotel room. The victim continued, saying her father was going out with friends and she'd be alone in the hotel room, the documents allege. Peronto and the victim agreed to meet, and Peronto showed up to the hotel a short time later-- in his patrol car, according to the narrative. 

Peronto reportedly knocked on the door of the victim's hotel room and was taken into custody.

He had one pair of Victoria Secret panties in his possession, the document states. 

The girl was not at the hotel when the bust was made, according to Jonathon Taylor, communications director for the Department of Public Safety. 

The investigation is ongoing, Taylor says, to determine if there may be additional victims. 

At his arraignment hearing Monday, a judge set bail at $10,000-- $5000 cash appearance and $5000 performance. Once bail is met, Peronto is ordered to be under the supervision of the Pretrial Enforcement Division. He's ordered to have no access to social media, no contact with the victim and to stay at least 600 feet away from any residence of the victim. 

Liz Raines contributed to this report. 

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