A woman who says she trusted accused child predator Seth Loggins to watch her son is speaking out with a message for other parents: Be careful when you allow anyone to be alone with your children. 

Alaska State Troopers now say at least eight children were victimized by Loggins, 27, a man initially charged with sexually abusing four of them, as troopers continue to ask anyone harmed by him to step forward.

On Friday, a Palmer grand jury indicted Loggins on more than two dozen counts, including 16 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, eight counts of harassment and one count of second-degree assault.
"These charges reflect eight victims," troopers wrote. "Investigation is continuing as AST believes there are more victims." 

"My heart is broken. At this point I have very little faith in humanity," said a woman who told KTVA her son is one of the victims in the case. 
KTVA is choosing not to name her, in order to protect the identity of the victim.
"It's so gut-wrenching. I'm constantly falling to the floor inconsolable. Every time I get a new detail it just destroys my world and then after it destroys my world, I'm in fear for my son's health and safety," said the woman. 
She says Loggins' family is deeply connected at First Baptist Church in Palmer, a building Loggins had access to when he knew it would be empty and locked up. 
When asked why she trusted Loggins, she said, "I had no reason not to." 
Loggins was a former school bus driver who was involved at church and wanted to become an Alaska State Trooper, according to the woman. 
She said she trusted Loggins to drive her son to and from church and babysit on short notice. Now, she believes he positioned himself perfectly to be a trusted adult around children he could prey on. 
"It seemed like a real priority to him to find his next victims, so now, looking back, I realized why he worked at the school, because that gives you access to constant victims, why he was a member of the church and around the children and trying to help the parents get the children back and forth from church, you know, all these things because he wanted to make sure he had constant access to a new victim," she said.  
In previous charging documents against Loggins, troopers said the truck driver had befriended boys before abusing them with sex toys, including one incident which occurred in the church. Loggins allegedly denied owning any such toys, but investigators found one during a search of his room.
When asked if she believes there are more victims, the woman answered, "Hell yes," saying the methods of abuse described in court documents are either the result of experience or extensive research. 
Court documents also say the victims and their families told troopers Loggins would frequently take children on trips to go bowling and visit kids’ destinations like the Wonderland playground and the Extreme Fun Center in Wasilla. 
The parent KTVA spoke to believes Loggins was paying for the victims' cooperation and silence when he would regularly foot the bill for fun outings. 
At his arraignment earlier this month, the judge assigned Loggins a total of $300,000 in cash bail, after Loggins unsuccessfully argued that he wasn't a flight risk because he had family coming into town. 
The mother now plans to fight to keep Loggins in custody. A bail hearing scheduled for Monday was canceled, but she believes another will be set for the upcoming week. She plans to push the community to fill the courtroom with opposition to Loggins receiving reduced bail. 
She argues that he's a flight risk based on his experience traveling North America as a truck driver, and says if he's released before trial, she plans to move to keep her son safe.
The woman also told KTVA that her son ate more at dinner than he has in months once he learned Loggins had been arrested. 
"I want to encourage parents to research these kinds of things," she said. "I am trained in my profession to be able to recognize signs of distress and I missed it, even in my own kid, so other parents who think that there's nobody in their life like that are gonna miss it too." 
KTVA visited the First Baptist Church in Palmer Sunday seeking comment but was asked to leave and come back during normal business hours, specifically not on a Sunday.  
Anyone with information on the case or other potential victims of Loggins is asked to call troopers at 907-745-2131.

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