Sometimes people hear what they want to hear. That's the case this weekend for President Trump, following a Friday speech at the White House attended by Palmer's Andrew Kurka.

The President honored Olympians and Paralympians who competed in the recent Winter Games in South Korea.

Speaking about the Paralympians, Trump said, "It's a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could. It was really fantastic, and I want to thank you."

Social media has since erupted with critics who claim the President insulted Paralympians. Among the athletes who attended the ceremony, Palmer's Andrew Kurka, who won a gold and silver medal in the sitting downhill.

Kurka told KTVA he did not find the comments offensive.

"He was trying to say something nice, and people are taking it in a wrong way, that's all," Kurka said. "He said he didn't get to watch a lot of the Olympics, he said he didn't get to watch a lot of the Paralympics; he called a lot of us up, said, 'Thank you for what we did' and he appreciated us."

The Paralympics responded on Twitter, "We hope the U.S. president continues to watch and be inspired by the Paralympics."

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