According to the latest Consumer Confidence Index, people in Anchorage are more confident about their finances than in other parts of the state.

Bill Popp, president of the Anchorage Economic Development Corp., joined KTVA's Daybreak to interpret the index.

"Consumers in Anchorage are still kind of in this middle place where they're not really optimistic, but they're not really pessimistic either," Popp said. "They're just kind of in the middle, not sure which way things are going in terms of the overall economy."

That doesn't necessarily hold for Alaskans outside Anchorage, however.

"They're feeling good about their own personal finances," Popp said. "In fact, that's where we see a little more optimism than other parts of the state."

Popp says Anchorage's economy is largely service-driven.

"Out of the 154,000 jobs we have in Anchorage right now, almost all of them are service industry-related," Popp said. "Consumers' willingness to spend is what really drives our economy in the day-to-day business that we see in Anchorage."

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