A college freshman from Anchorage is taking her devotion to pop superstar Beyonce online and on-air, showing her moves to a national audience. 

A video recently posted by Brianna Bundick-Kelly, who calls herself "Briyonce" online, of her performing Beyonce's routine at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival quickly became popular.

Now juggling dance appearances and exams at Virginia State University, Brianna found some time to chat with KTVA's Daybreak about her recent rise to fame.

“I thought it was a joke at first, “ she said. “I don’t know maybe Instagram and Twitter has a glitch or I don’t know what happened it all just happened so fast. I couldn't think of a lot of people liking my stuff like they did."

Bundick-Kelly, 18, started her dancing career here in Alaska when she was 8 at the Underground Dance Company. She began making her videos at Bartlett High School before her graduation.  

"I started a year and a half ago back at home when I was really bored,” Bundick-Kelly said. “I was just watching Beyonce videos like I always do and I saw her just having a good time. I just wanted to have a good time too and feel like I was dancing with her and I just got up and learned the routine."

Busting out Beyonce's routine was just another one of those videos until it went viral. So far, it's been viewed more than five million times. 

“I go eight-count by eight-count, and once I get the first eight-count I add on the other eight-count along with the first one,” Bundick-Kelly said. “I just keep going adding until I finally get the whole thing down fully in my head and it took me forty minutes and then after that I kept doing it for another hour to make sure I had it in my head memorized.

At first I was like I didn't think I was personally good I'm just a hard critic anyway so I didn't think anyone would like it but I was wrong." 

Brianna's moves have caught the attention of people across the world including dance lover Ellen DeGeneres.

“I was like wow this is really real,” said Bundick-Kelly. “It was crazy, because right a couple days before that I told my friends if I ever got into the 'Ellen' show I would drop out if college as like a joke. Of course, I would never drop out of college education is important."

Ellen had Bundick-Kelly strut her stuff on live TV. 

"It was just really fun," said Bundick-Kelly. "I barely remember it, because I was really into the moment so like I just have to watch it over and over again to re-jog my memory but it was really fun."

On "Ellen," Brianna was given Beyonce’s Cochella jacket and tickets to go see the artist in concert. 

One of Bundick-Kelly’s dreams is to meet her role model, "Queen B," in person.  

"Ever since I was little I just keep following her, as I grew up and understanding her as who she is as a person and what she represents, and I just stuck with it ever since I was younger," said Bundick-Kelly. " Beyonce is a really hard person to get her attention, but I’m going to put that into the world and see if it happens and just pray and hope that she knows who I am."

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