The goal for baseball players: get home. 

For those participating in this summer's Alaska Baseball League, they take it literally.  

The ABL is still looking for host families to house players who'll spend their summer in Alaska. 

"You want a good family environment, a place that's going to feed them, and take them to the ballpark-- if they don't provide transportation," said Matsu Miners General Manager Pete Christopher.

He says word of mouth can be a very powerful recruiting tool-- both ways.  

"These guys go back to their colleges, and if they don't have a good experience with the host family, you're sunk."

In his case, it's been positive. Christopher has forged lifelong friendships. And now, it's generational. 

"I still keep in contact with the guys I hosted in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006," he said. "Now, they're having kids, they're married, having their own kids. It makes you feel old, but, it's nice to see."

A new opportunity to build those bridges is about to begin. 

*Note* Host families receive tickets to the games and may be eligible for tax deductions. 

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