The Alaska Sports Hall of fame is encouraging Alaskans to work toward a healthy future by going 100 miles in the month of May.

Whether you run, walk, cycle or yoga your way to that 100 miles is up to you.

“You can just fly solo or start a team with a fun group, your family or your workplace," explained the Hall of Fame’s Executive Director Harlow Robinson. “Basically, anything you do that's getting your heart rate up a little bit, we have a formula in there for it. So, if you're out there splitting wood, you can say ‘I split wood for 30 minutes,’ and it will give you a mile total and the goal is to get 100 miles.”

After you sign up, you track your progress online.

Olympic gold medalist and Alaskan Kikkan Randall is a spokesperson for the Healthy Futures Challenge. She said the goal is for adults to be good role models for kids.

“Healthy Futures is really about teaching our Alaskan youth that the healthy, active lifestyle is a foundation for whatever they want to do in life,” explained Randall. “Whether they want to be an Olympic athlete or want to be healthy, strong and chase their dreams. To have a daily activity is important.”

To sign up for the Healthy Futures Challenge, click here.

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