Some people who've lived in Anchorage for years said they've never seen anything like it-- a windstorm that blew through Anchorage on Tuesday and left plenty of damage behind. On Wednesday, the clean-up was going strong.

At it's worst, the storm ripped off entire roofs, but it also took off plenty of shingles and downed trees. Bob Lamb, with Split Right Firewood, was busy with a chainsaw-- work he expected would continue for days. He said he'd never seen a windstorm quite like it in Anchorage before.

"That was a doozy," said Lamb. "I've lived here 30 years and I've seen some good ones, but yesterday really topped the cake."

In addition to damage, the storm took out power for hundreds of people. By late Wednesday, Chugach Electric said the number of customers without electricity had dwindled to about 150.

Holland Roofing was one of many roofing companies that could hardly keep up. The company got more than a hundred requests for estimates on Wednesday. A representative said they hoped to get to those within a day or two but it could take weeks for some to get repair work done.

Homeowners who experienced damage from the windstorm are likely to file claims with their insurance companies. A representative from Allstate Insurance said they were advising people to get professional estimates before submitting claims and to check policies carefully, including deductibles. The company advised people to make reasonable temporary repairs if necessary to prevent further damage, save receipts and file possible claims as soon as possible.

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